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A cost effective 3 step Marketing solution for businesses. Get the expert support you need without committing to spend money you can't afford. We help businesses grow and we guide them through aour process that reduce waste and keeps them focused on sales.
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3 Steps to Marketing Success

Marketing Action Review

3 Steps to Marketing Success

Marketing is a complex area largely due to the vast array of tactics that can and indeed often have to be utilised to implement any Company’s Marketing Strategy. Our job is to help you step back from the firefighting and day to day clutter and help you see a clear path through this bewildering landscape. We do this by applying our expertise to the current situation identifying what’s currently working and challenging what’s not being effective. Once this has been done we are able to sit down with Business Owners or Marketing Personnel and undertake a Needs Analysis. At the end of this process we can help you define the activities that must be undertaken to achieve the objective of delivering a process that develops and retains new customers. We can advise on what we believe are the minimum requirements based on your customer profiles and commercial objectives allowing you to make sensible budgetary and resource decisions. So to summarise:

Step 1: Marketing Map Review

Step 2: Needs Analysis

Step 3: Implementation of Plan

As you would expect there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to the final plan, but this approach will take you away from wasted expenditure on activities that are not on message and ensure that you put your precisous resources behind the activities most likely to succeed.