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How many people saw your business this month?

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How many people saw your business this month?

I was prompted by a conversation with a client today who mentioned buying some advertising that hadn’t worked well for them. I was discussing their decision making process with a marketing colleague which went something like this:

Business Owner: We need more sales

Business Owner:We need to get out there

Phone call from ad sales man

Salesman: “This is great 000’s of people will see this ad”

Business Owner: Ok where do we sign up

Hundreds of pounds later…

Business Owner: Oh dear it didn’t work… we still don’t have sales and we now have less money.

So to avoid this scenario businesses need a plan that considers the objective i.e. reaching the right people at the right time with the right message and provoking them into action and then considers viable methods of achieving that and most importantly a plan for measuring the results.

If you would like some help doing this for you business then us me for a free discussion and some outline ideas about methods, tactics and costs that might work for your business. The number is 01293 406000

The one thing the hard selling guys on the phone are right about is that you do need to do something but don’t be driven by fear be motivated by an intelligent and appropriate plan delivered with expert guidance because if you can get this “advertising leads to sale” process working efficiently your business could be on the elusive path to growth.