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Marketing 1 to 1 Support

We all start businesses to be successful in our own way. Maybe you want independence from bosses, maybe you want to give up the rat race or maybe you just have your vision of how things should be done and you want to get out there and do it. One of the first things you learn on your path to entrepreneurial success is that you need to get expert support on matters that you don’t know much about. When and how you do this is likely to have a significant impact on your chances of success with your business.


Our 1 to 1 Marketing Support service is designed to offer small businesses and startups affordable expert Marketing support. We offer an initial free consultation meeting or phone session depending on your location and then we move forward with a per meeting/session fee. Some clients will prefer to start with a face to face session and then move to a phone session once things are up and running.


Of course you could always come to a free Marketing Workshop first. It’s a great way to meet us and learn more about what your business Marketing objectives should be and how you can deliver them. Having 1 to 1 Marketing Support will mean all your Marketing challenges become Marketing objectives. Here’s an example list of things you could do with your mentor:

  • Discover how to build a great website and manage it yourself
  • Learn how to do your own Seo and improve your Google ranking
  • Set objectives on Social Media and get your business in front of thousands of people for free
  • Find out how to advertise your business on the worlds most cost effective advertising platform: Google Adwords


Ultimately you’ll set the agenda with your Mentor. Once your happy with the service you can book regular sessions for a discounted price too. Just call or email for a chat, we don’t bite! Call: 01293 406000