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Mentor of the Month

marketing growth mentor

Mentor of the Month

Virgin mentor of the month

Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone get the rewards they deserve for hardwork and enterprise. I often get a bit frustrated by the way the word entrepreneur is interpreted and promoted by the media. Its human nature to focus on the most successful as the benchmark for entrepreneurial achievement but in terms of numbers they are outweighed by the vast number of unsung hard working entrepreneurs whose goal and likely achievement is to build a business that pays the mortgage and hopefully a pension too.

Every day I work with hard working business owners who toil away year after year and get little or no recognition from anyone. I always quote the book “The e-myth revisited” by Michael Gerber as the best resource for anyone who really wants to understand the hurdles a business owner has to overcome. For myself I feel extremely fortunate having had an extensive corporate career behind me and the opportunity to work in areas as diverse as Buying, Distribution, Production and of course Marketing at least this gives me the opportunity to see the final outcome of Entrepreneurial success as intimidating as it is to envisage building a behemoth such as Unilever with its $58 billion turnover! Yet it has clearly been done.

So I mentor to help another business on the road to a fruitful and rewarding career because there are enough hurdles to be overcome without “not knowing what marketing to do” being one of them. Does your business know what marketing to do?  If you don’t the worst thing you can do is pres on regardless. I can and regularly do help businesses sort out their marketing to ensure they know what to do and how much to spend. I can’t make the leap for them and I certainly can’t force them to invest money especially when they feel like all small businesses that they don’t have it. However I can give them clarity on the end result they are looking for and perhaps most importantly see the lost sales they are missing out on with substandard advertising, website etc.

I can show a case study where a business with a half million turnover invested £3500 in Marketing and jumped sales by 30% within 3 months! Think about investment of less than 1% created growth of 30%

When you look at the numbers what’s your business investing in its own growth? Its no good waiting for customers to come to you, you have to go and find them you have to work on ways to attract them and you have to invest something to achieve what you want to achieve.