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Client Q&A – Marketing Agency or In House?

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22 Aug Client Q&A – Marketing Agency or In House?

Client question: Our business feels at a stage where we should expand our Marketing efforts to drive more traffic to our showroom and website, should we hire an agency or get someone in house?
Two of the most important things an experienced Marketing Agency can bring to the party is their cross industry marketing expertise and their ability to devise a marketing plan collaboratively with you that fits your marketing budgets and has the best chance of achieving your objectives.
How you execute that plan, which is what you are asking, cannot really be considered until you are sure you are doing the right things. In particular you need to consider getting the maximum value from your content before you create it. Generating traffic online can be undermined by a poor conversion environment or failure to incentivise visitors to leave their contact details meaning no follow ups, these are just two examples. You need to consider the complete content marketing cycle and any investment in marketing expertise to help you do your marketing plans will be money well spent. Don’t forget you can always ignore advice but it’s too late to go back and find out how to do something after you have messed it up!
An experienced Marketing Agency that is focused on your type of business should be able to give you some free advice on frame working and delivering your marketing plan.  For example we work with organisations like “coast2capital” which assist businesses in our region with strong growth potential and arrange free consultation sessions for businesses that need to start planning their marketing. I’m sure you can find such a resource locally. We’re a Marketing Expert based in Crawley, West Sussex but we work nationally and direct with companies too so you can always call us direct for marketing advice 01293 406000