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Jason Bourne trusts nobody……nor do your customers

Building Customer Trust

02 Aug Jason Bourne trusts nobody……nor do your customers

Building Customer Trust

I was watching the new Jason Bourne movie courtesy of our client NBCUniversal (excuse blatant namedrop but check out our promotional services if promotions is your thing) and it occurred to me it was time to write an article about customer trust. It’s probably quite sad that I thought of my marketing blog while I was watching Jason Bourne but let’s not go there.

In the film Bourne crosses paths with the beautiful Alicia Vikander playing the role of Heather Lee (if you didn’t see “Ex Machina” you don’t know why it’s impossible not to love a robot.) who desperately wants Bourne to trust her I don’t want to put any spoilers here as the film was only just released so let’s just say trust is “a bit of an issue”.

And trust is also a bit of an issue when it comes to your customers. You might be the best thing since sliced bread at what you do, you might go to the ends of the earth and spend sleepless nights sorting things out in the back office to make sure customers get what they need but when they drop in cold on your website they simply cannot be aware of these things. The marketing challenge for your website is to build a sufficient level of trust almost instantaneously. Luckily for you the customers also know this is a tough job for a website to deliver so they will look for 5 key factors that influence their personal “trustometer”. Achieving trust is critical if you want to stand any chance of converting website visitors into real customer prospects.