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When did you last have your business serviced?

Give your business a tune up!

When did you last have your business serviced?

In many ways a business is like a car it has to do a job, it’s complex and uses a lot of fuel. Cars need to be regularly serviced or they start malfunctioning and in many cases this doesn’t mean they stop working they just become more and more inefficient costing more and more to run and delivering less in return.

A business is much the same, if your marketing is not looked at regularly you may find you are losing business efficiency, failing to adopt new strategies and technologies and eventually losing out on sales to competitors.

Fortunately you can get a low cost service for your business courtesy of MarketingAction.co.uk. We’ll take time do a thorough check on all your marketing activities:

Is your logo up to the job does it build immediate trust and work hard to communicate what you do?

Do you have a plan for your messaging? Sending out confused or incorrect messages can be a quick way to waste money.

Does your website pass the 37 point service check for design, seo, content and calls to action?

Do you have appropriate sales materials to support you when you talk to customers?

Do you have a plan for social media? Do you know which platforms can work for you?

Can you define how you acquire and retain new customers?

What’s the relevance of seo to your business how are you doing on Google?

Answer these questions and more with a business marketing service by MarketingAction.co.uk

Don’t wait until the wheels fall off! Book a £249+ vat service and get professional insights that could put your business on the road to more sales and better profits!