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How much should a website cost?

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How much should a website cost?

The cost of a website is always relative to the results you are aiming to achieve and you will only get this by ensuring the right level of expert input into the build. 

From a marketing perspective there are plenty of websites that appear to tick all the boxes and yet fail to engage and convert.

Before you jump for the cheapest site on the market consider what you ideally want in your site in terms of expertise:

1/ Website Marketing expertise – to get your message to the customers in a way that engages

2/ Website Design expertise – to ensure your site looks the part for your industry and positioning

3/ Website Technical expertise – to ensure your site functions properly

4/ Website Seo expertise – to ensure your site is found on Google

5/ Website Sales expertise – to convert visitors to your site

Also cost is relative to the client’s budget and business intentions for the site, some clients are going to see their money back in a month and some will find it hard to link sales to their site but may still need one for credibility in case a customer checks up on them online. Naturally their investment decisions and a website should be considered a valuable investment in your business not an annoying cost headache, are different.

What about Free Websites?

Cost will also be a product of the suppliers costs it can be cheaper to use a supplier in the sticks because they have a lower cost of staff and living even if all other factors are equal. Free web builders for example can do a free site because they are just providing software that has been paid for but there are clear pitfalls to doing your own website as their would be if you decided to fix your own car. Our clients expect to be up and running and profitable as quickly as possible. They don’t want to find out 6 months down the line that their site is near invisible on google because they used a free web site software builder. That’s if they have even added any of the expertise listed above!

What about the Expertise?

Also how do you measure and cost your suppliers expertise which is also a very important buying factor. Designers and Web Technicians don’t know much about Marketing although they often say they do for obvious reasons. It’s the Marketing expertise that will ultimately ensure your website is appealing to customers. If your provider knows how to build a site that converts excellently are they going to give that away for peanuts knowing a business will make £00’s of thousands over the next five years from their site? To some extent they have no choice since they know that less sophisticated buyers may in any case be comparing any price to a free provider!

What’s the bottom line?

Lots of factors to consider. Ultimately we don’t think a standard business class WordPress website should cost less than £1500-£2250 excluding vat. If it has e-commerce that will mean extra money to set that up and running. Perhaps another £750 but it could be more if you want a lot of product support. You need to be realistic about your own level of expertise at using computers and work with a provider that understands everyone isn’t a techie.

There are other decisions to be made, do you want to pay for the site in one hit or maybe over 12 months, something we offer. There are providers who charge a monthly ongoing fee but watch out for extra costs particularly if they see your business doing well. You are not going to want to move your site and they know that!

Need more Website Buying Help?

We’re always happy to help and advise customers who are trying make a website buying decision. OF course we are we build them! However we will advise you and offer guidance without obligation or annoying sales follow ups, you can ask us for a quote or just take the advice and run! Call James on 01293 40600