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What is website conversion and optimisation

website conversion optimisation

What is website conversion and optimisation

What is website conversion?

Website conversion is planning the actions or actions that you ideally want visitors to your website to take and then facilitating their journey through your website to reach the desired action point with sufficient motivation to take the action.

In order to achieve this we need to consider the materials (content) or propositions (advertising) that brought the visitor to the website in the first place.

If the website does not deliver on the promises made in the content or advertising we immediately lose the trust of the visitor and even if the content is available but not immediately visible we can lose their interest very quickly.

For example if MarketingAction.co.uk runs an advert on Google Ads saying we do interesting blog articles for clients but then lands somebody who clicks on that on a front page where there is no mention of blogging a user may be disappointed and go elsewhere if on the other hand we publish a post on facebook about the great logos we design for small businesses and link it to our page where we show some examples of logos that will immediately be a lot more relevant and a lot more likely to have a potential customer picking up the phone or sending us an email enquiry. Understanding this we can a see how we can address a variety of factors to improve the conversion of customers through a website by optimisation.